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About Robyn Jefferson

I am Robyn Jefferson! With over 20 years of experience in the real estate & mortgage industries, I am the perfect balance of knowledge and strategy. My sole focus is to see you win and reach your homeownership goals. My experience as a mortgage underwriter gives me a unique approach which not only gives us the power to win in this journey but also to avoid pitfalls along the way.
I first became a real estate agent and after seeing and experiencing the challenges many face in obtaining mortgage loans, I decided to educate myself by diving in head first. I became licensed and trained as a loan officer. I enjoyed that side of the business, quickly transitioning from a mortgage processor until I was promoted to mortgage underwriter. It was as an Underwriter that I got the full picture of mortgage processing and FHA, VA, and Conventional guidelines.
When I returned to real estate, I came armed with an arsenal of information, which enabled me to guide Buyers to settlement and also help Sellers identify solid candidates who expressed interest in their home. I developed skills to determine the financial viability of clients. I am able to examine a person’s financial and credit profiles to be sure they meet all guidelines for mortgage approval. In doing so, I have been able to save customers time and money.
Lastly, my work in debt management, budget planning and credit repair has equipped me with many resources to identify a person’s need so we can reach the quickest and most effective route of resolution.I am about people and focus on providing excellent service so my customers will feel confident in my ability to help them with all of their real estate needs. My track record is that everyone who works with me goes to settlement!

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